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Analytics and Data TechCast Series

To share knowledge, expertise, and ideas, the Oracle BIWA User Community is announcing the new Analytics and Data TechCast Series. The TechCast Series will occur every other Thursday at 12pm ET and last between 30–45 minutes.

The objective of the Analytics and Data TechCast Series is the sharing of useful, practical applied Oracle technical expertise for the benefit of all; no sales pitches. We all use Oracle technologies, but can all grow by learning new features, tips and tricks, best practices, new and novel and interesting use cases.

New TechCast abstracts can always be entered using these TechCast categorizations:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Warehousing and ETL
  • Emerging Technologies
  • General
  • Spatial and Graph
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TechCast Archive

Date Title Speaker(s) Video Replay Slides
June 18, 2020 Building Predictive Analytics Solution Sai Kiran Video Slides
June 04, 2020 Move from Data Analyst to Analytics Superhero Brendan Doyle Video Slides
May 21, 2020 What’s Your Super-Power? Mine is Machine Learning with Oracle Autonomous DB Jim Czuprynski Video Slides
May 07, 2020 SQL Developer Tips & Tricks for the Data Professional Jeff Smith Video Slides
Apr 23, 2020 Women in Oracle Technologies Panel Discussion Hosted by Debra Lilley Video Slides
Apr 09, 2020 Using Animation in Oracle Analytics Wayne Van Sluys Video Slides
Mar 26, 2020 Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud for Developers and Data Scientists Edelweiss Kammermann Video Slides
Mar 12, 2020 First Steps with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Rita Nunez Video Slides
Feb 20, 2020 Graph Database and Analytics Melliyal Annamalai Video Slides
Feb 06, 2020 Preview content of A&D sessions on OAC Philippe Lions, Matt Bedin Video Slides
Jan 23, 2020 Customer Journey, From Vision to Delivery David Heraty Video Slides
Jan 16, 2020 Must-See 2020 Analytics & Data Summit (Feb 25-27) Sessions to Attend Charlie Berger, Carol Palmer, Dan Vlamis, Roger Cressey, Wayne Van Sluys Video Slides
Jan 9, 2020 No Code ML and one-click Augmented Analytics in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Parshwa Shah Video Slides
Date Title Speaker(s) Video Replay Slides
June 6, 2019 Extending Oracle Analytics Cloud’s Data Visualization Using Custom Plug-ins Wayne Van Sluys Video Slides
June 20, 2019 Picking a Good Wine for <$20 Using ADW, Machine Learning and Analytics Cloud Charlie Berger, Dhvani Sheth, Siddesh C Prabhu Dev Ujjni Video Slides
July 11, 2019 Developing an RDF4J Adapter for Oracle Spatial and Graph – SPARQL focus Timea Turdean, Software Engineer, Semantic Web Company Video Slides
July 25, 2019 What’s New in OAC 105.3.0 Dan Vlamis Video Slides
Aug 8, 2019 Autonomous Anomaly Detection for Dense-Sensor IoT Prognostics Kenny Gross, AI Architect, Oracle Video Slides
Aug 22, 2019 Revisiting Market Basket Analysis with SQL Pattern Matching Shankar Somayajula, Architect – Advanced Analytics, Industry Data Models, Oracle Video Slides
Sept 5, 2019 Oracle Analytics Makes the Most of Database Capabilities with Evaluate Function Philippe Lions Video Slides
Oct 3, 2019 Oracle Spatial Studio: Fast and Easy Spatial Analytics and Maps Carol Palmer, LJ Qian Video Slides
Oct 17, 2019 Production ML with the Autonomous Data Warehouse Harry Snart Video Slides
Nov 7, 2019 What’s New in Oracle Analytics Cloud version 105.4.0 Dan Vlamis Video Slides
Nov 21, 2019 The Changing Role of DBA: From Database Developer to Data Scientist in 6 Weeks! Charlie Berger Video Slides
Dec 19, 2019 Planning my Summer Vacation using Python, Machine Learning and Oracle Cloud Brendan Tierney Video Slides
Analytics and Data TechCasts Subcommittee

Charlie Berger, Oracle
Wayne Van Sluys, interRel Consulting
Tim Frazier, Oracle
Robert David, Semantic Web Company
Peter Koutroubis, ERPA
Roger Cressey, Qubix
Dan Vlamis, Vlamis Software