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July 7th
Machine Learning Day

10:00am ET
“Data Science at the NHS Business Services Authority” – Phil Godfrey, NHS

11:05am ET
“Oracle ML Demo”– Barry Starkey, NorthGate Public Housing

11:45am ET
“Oracle Analytics Cloud & Oracle ML “Better Together” – Philippe Lions, Oracle

12:15pm ET
“The ML Behind “Autonomous” Database” – Sandesh Rao, Oracle

July 8th
Spatial + Location Intelligence Day

10:00am ET
“Scalable, Location-Based Contact Tracing with APEX” – Daniel Geringer & Carsten Czarski

11:00am ET
“Category 5 Analytics: how OUTFRONT Media Maps Hurricane and Other Risks” – Derek Hayden & Tim Vlamis

12:00pm ET
“Enabling Marketing Analytics with Spatial Databases” – Nick Salem

July 9th
Analytics+ Day

10:00am ET
“Fueling Retail Loyalty: Cloud Analytics and Data Warehousing at Drop Tank” – Rich DuSatko & Cathye Pendley

10:45am ET
“Remote Learning Solution with COVID-19 through Modern Visulation” – Grace Peng

11:30am ET
“Using OAC to Manage Cloud Instances” – Gary Crisci

12:15pm ET
“Challenges, Solutions, Workarounds: Making Analytics Systems Work” – Philippe Lions, Edelweiss Kammermann, and Dan Valmis

Machine Learning Day

Abstracts Coming Soon…

Spatial + Location Intelligence Day Abstracts

Scalable, spatially-accurate Contact Tracing with APEX

This session highlights how to leverage native Oracle Database spatial features to perform contact tracing with an APEX application interface. Based on a real-world customer use case, the spatial analysis correlates both temporal and location analysis to find people that came within a specified distance of a given person at a particular point in time over a user specified time period. It also generates metrics like duration (i.e. how long they were in close proximity). The results can be displayed using reports, maps, or other APEX visualizations.

Dan Geringer is Spatial Solutions Specialist at Oracle, working with Oracle’s largest global customers and partners to solve challenging spatial requirements in a scalable manner. Dan started working with Oracle’s spatial database technologies in 1994, and joined Oracle in 1995 as a key member of Oracle’s spatial development team. Dan’s innovative solutions center on the blending of Oracle’s spatial data processing with Database features for scalability, performance, security, and availability. He presents regularly at Analytics and Data Summit and Oracle OpenWorld conferences. Dan is based near Reston, VA

Carsten Czarski is a member of the Oracle APEX development team, focusing on REST-related features, data loading and the Calendar component. He’s also a pro on Oracle Spatial, Oracle Text, and JSON and XML functionality in the database.

Category 5 Analytics: How OUTFRONT Media Maps Hurricane and Other Risks

OUTFRONT Media has thousands of billboards susceptible to hurricane force winds. How do they calculate the risk and visualize which sites are the most vulnerable? See how Oracle Analytics Cloud, Autonomous Data Warehouse, and Spatial Studio come together to create interactive maps. You’ll see geo-spatial calculations done with open-source hurricane data and OUTFRONT’s data warehouse data in the new Spatial Studio interface. Map layers are then visualized in Oracle Analytics Cloud along with traditional operational data for a full, 360 degree view of the potential business impact of storms in real time. We’ll also show COVID-19 analysis and its impact on different OUTFRONT markets.

Derek Hayden, Architect of an analytics team delivering real business value by allowing internal and external customers to better visualize, explore, and understand data while gaining new insights to make better decisions.

Tim Vlamis, An Oracle Ace and expert in the visualization of data and the design of business analytics strategies, Tim combines a strong background in the application of Oracle-based business analytics and machine learning with extensive experience in business modeling and valuation analysis. Tim co-authored Oracle Press’s book titled, “Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g”. He earned his Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) designation from the American Marketing Association and serves as an Adjunct Professor of Business in Benedictine College’s Traditional and Executive MBA programs. Tim earned an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a BA in Economics from Yale University.

Enabling Marketing Analytics with Spatial Databases

Neustar’s ElementOne is a comprehensive cloud-based GIS analytics platform that leverages Oracle Database and Java EE technologies to provide a feature-rich, secure and highly scalable application to end-users. Get an overview of how Neustar’s ElementOne utilizes Oracle Database spatial features to help clients gather market insight, score prospects and perform location analysis. We will cover ElementOne’s use of Oracle’s spatial technology to create and manage a variety of different types of trade areas and markets, linear referencing system/network data model for drive time analysis, triangulations for heat maps, coordinate projection for aerials/terrain map integration, topology, geometry cleansing/consolidation, mobile traffic analysis and more.

Nick Salem, A Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Neustar, Nick is the Principal Software Architect behind the ElementOne platform and has over 18 years developing enterprise geospatial analytics applications. He holds 21 Oracle Certified Professional / Expert / Specialist credentials in the areas of database administration, performance tuning, security, real application clusters, data guard, data warehousing, SQL, PL/SQL and spatial. On behalf of the ElementOne platform, Nick was the recipient of the 2011 Oracle Spatial Excellence Award in Innovation and has presented at numerous Oracle conferences including co-hosting webinars with Oracle, participating in the Oracle Database Insider podcasts and publishing content to Oracle technical blogs. He currently serves as the Technical Chair on the Oracle Spatial & Graph SIG board and plays an active role in fostering collaboration in the community. Prior to joining Neustar, Nick served as the Director of Software Engineering at Nielsen where he was responsible for developing Nielsen’ primary enterprise geospatial analytics products

Analytics+ Day

Fueling Retail Loyalty: Cloud Analytics and Data Warehousing at Drop Tank

Drop Tank manages gas station loyalty technologies and programs for a large network of retail sites across the US. Millions of transactions and diverse POS systems bring complexity of both scale and scope to their cloud-based data warehouse and analytics system. You’ll hear how Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), and Oracle Customer Experience (CX) cloud work together to provide reporting and analytic insight to marketers and program managers. This real-world case study will highlight what worked well, what didn’t, and what the future promises. Drop Tank plans to be able to answer questions like: “What are the demographics of our customers?”, “What buying habits do they have?”, “How do we incentivize customers to participate with greater frequency?”, and ”How can we use analytical insights to generate incremental value?”. Presentation attendees will benefit from hearing a real-world case study of implementing the “full cloud stack” including applications like OLC to OAC to ADWC from a company on the leading technology edge.

Rich DuSatko

2020 Remote Learning Solution through Modern Visualization

Accelerate business insights through data discovery, advanced analytics and comprehensive Visualization delivered through Oracle BI. This session focuses on LAUSD deployment of an advanced, customized Remote Learning Dashboards in Whole Child Platform to track key information related to Distance Learning due to COVID-19 pandemic. These dashboards allow different level of users to quickly monitor device availability to students as well as login/usage online applications data, also to track food distribution and student progress monitoring, information is available over time and by student group.

LAUSD has effectively integrated the analytics to be a part of the operations and not sidelined it as a nice to use tool. A live demonstration on how we adopted a simplified reporting platform for line-of-business users on key metrics, dazzling visualization and infographics delivered through BI dashboards to help improve the decision-making process across the organization.

Learning Objective #1: Understand the business analytics use cases and approach to develop a story through extreme visualization
Learning Objective #2: Making data accessible to everyone via simplified visualization improves transparency and increase productivity
Learning Objective #3: Business Process optimization through Visual navigations and insights to achieve operational excellence

Grace Peng, LAUSD is the largest school district in USA who recently had to undergo a rapid transformation to manage 735,000 students for remote education.

Using OAC to Manage Cloud Instances

Gary Crisci

Challenges, Solutions, Workarounds: Making Analytics Systems Work

It all sounded so great. Everybody has easy access to all the data. But we all know it’s not that simple. Hear from a panel of experts on how they work around various issues that come up when implementing real-world Analytics systems. The panel will include Philippe Lions, Oracle Analytics Product management, Dan Vlamis, Oracle ACE Director and President of Vlamis Software Solutions, and Edelweiss Kammermann, Oracle ACE Director and BI Manager of IT Convergence.

Submit your technical questions ahead of time to or bring your own questions to the session. We will have some prepared ahead of time, but will get to as many as we can during the session.

Philippe Lions
Senior Director, Oracle Analytics Cloud

Dan Vlamis

Dan Vlamis,
President, Vlamis Software Solution

Edelweiss Kammermann

Edelweiss Kammermann
Oracle ACE Director